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Accomplished Projects

Volkswagen Slovakia, Bratislava (1995 – 2003)

For this project, we have ensured the design documentation for the rain water sewer collector with the construction of the new paint shop. This project extended the activities of our company by the solution of
rainwater-related issues in industrial areas. Subsequently, we continued with further projects at the VW facility – we ensured water supply to particular manufacturing halls, the off-take of rainwater and waste water at the automated body-store, as well as with the assembly and pilot hall.

D61 motorway Mierová ul. – Senecká cesta,
Bratislava, relocation of the DN 800 and DN 1200 water mains
(1999 – 2001)

The relocation of the DN 800 and DN 1200 water mains was part of the motorway section within the city of Bratislava, being an important traffic artery of this city. It was the fi rst time in Slovakia that modular iron castings were used at such huge diameters. Those relocations subsequently freed building land for the Avion shopping area.

Tesco Hypermarket, Trnava (2000)

INPROKON, s.r.o. co-operated also with the Tesco retail chain, ensuring the supply of potable water and fi rewater, but also the drainage of waste water and (first of all) rainwater from the roofs of that shopping centre as well as from its adjacent parking areas. With the construction of the hypermarket in Trnava, we ensured the realisation of the water management networks for the DN 300 and DN 400 water mains and DN 600 to DN 1200 mm rainwater drainage made of reinforced-concrete pipes, connected to the public sewage system of the city.

Manufacturing plant PSA Peugeot / Citroën
Trnava (2003 – 2006)

Our company was involved in this project from its very beginning – i.e. from the determination of the most suitable location. Our task was to find a solution for the supply and distribution of potable and utility water, as well as for the disposal of waste water and rainwater in the work‘s entire area. Part of the solution was also the waste water treatment plant and the 26 000 m retention tank. We have solved the entire water management part of the entire facility as well as the area-external leads – DN 250, DN 400, DN 600 water mains, the DN 500 effluent rainwater conduit and the DN 800 rainwater gravity sewer as well as other objects.

Residential satellite area Strmé Vŕšky,
Záhorská Bystrica (1993 – 1995)

The residential satellite Strmé Vŕšky was the first project of this kind in Slovakia, situated on very articulated ground, without any pre-fit technical infrastructure. It was necessary to ensure the supply of potable water and fire-water, the drainage of sewage- and rain-water and the natural gas supply. With respect to the demands arising from this area, it was also necessary to solve the protection of the buildings against storm-water and to protect the built-up area of the village. This project was one of the first large projects in the period of the newly founded INPROKON, s.r.o.

Car manufacturing industrial park
Lozorno (2000 – 2002)

This industrial park in Lozorno (near Bratislava) was one of the first structures of this kind in Slovakia. The structure was built upon the decision of the Slovak Republic‘s government No. 890 dated October 31, 2000 – as a significant investment. Our company solved the area-external water connection points, the off-take of rainwater from that area into the recipient, all area-internal piping for potable and utility water, fire water supply, the reservoir for the fire brigade and the petrol station, as well as the off-take of water into the treatment plant, the waste water treatment plant itself and the drainage of rainwater from the entire area.