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851 04 Bratislava

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Employing our long experience and practice, we have created numerous significant water structure-projects – for water supply companies, domestic investors as well as foreign investors doing business in Slovakia. The structures for PSA Peugeot / Citroën Trnava belong to most important and most demanding investments in terms of the labour extent and invested money. Our company was the general designer of the facility‘s whole water management system and the water supply line leading to the facility (running through the city of Trnava itself) and the off-take of the cleaned waste and rainwater into the recipient beyond the town.
Apart from this, we participate also in the processing of the pre-design and design documentation for water supply companies, supposed to be submitted to the cohesion funds:

waste water off-take and treatment + potable and Danube,
...Šamorín Agglomeration

potable water supply for the Novohrad region

potable water supply and drainage of the villages in the Bardejov
...Horná Topľa micro-region

waste water treatment and off-take + potable water supply the Nové Zámky region